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Western Sound

453 S. Spring Street Ste #1130, Los Angeles, CA, 90013

It takes an awesome studio to make awesome podcasts.

So, we’ve built one of the best in the greater LA area. And now, you can get that same top-of-the-line sound for your podcast and audio production.

The Western Sound studio in historic downtown Los Angeles is available for hourly, half-day and day-long rentals.

Each rental includes:

* Business hours: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
* Two all-day parking validations at the 213 S. Spring St. garage
* Dedicated engineer
* Sessions run on Therapy Time — they start promptly at the slotted time and end 10 minutes before the hour (e.g. a one-hour session is 50 minutes; a two-hour session is 1:50)
* Please arrive a little early so you don’t miss your start time
* We offer big discounts for independent podcasters, so if you’re an indy, please send an email to for a discount code.

Full Studio Specs:

* Wenger SoundLok Isolation Booth — one of the quietest studios available
* LED lighting and built-in ventilation — controls temps in those epic, extra-long sessions
* Seats up to 4 guests
* 4 x ElectoVoice EV20 microphone — recommended for vocal sessions
* 2 x Sennheiser MKH 50 P48 — ultra-high-res for the most intimate sound
* 1 x Shure VP88 — stereo vocal mic for added dimensionality
* 4 x Sony MDR-8706 headphones — each with independent volume control
* 1 Telephone line — cellular, not software / VOIP
* Presonus Quantum Audio Interface
* SoundDevices MixPre6
* Rode Rodecaster Pro
* Avid Pro Tools 12
* iZotope RX7 post production plug-in suite
* Record up to 24/96k, uncompressed .wav or mp3
* Sessions mixed or split tracks
* Files saved to your flash drive; with optional Dropbox storage for up to 30 days.

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