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Vault Nightclub LA

801 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles, Ca., 90014

Representing the future of clubs.
Location: 801 S. Hill St. DTLA 90014 (corner of Hill and 8th)
Occupancy: 800+ people
Size Approx: 22, 000 sqft.
VIP Multiple Locations 1. The Vault 2. 2nd floor Mezzanine
Building Type: Commercial Class and Previous Bank or bank
Parking: Valet and Self Service attached to building
Dance Floor: White Dance Floor
Highlights: High Vaulted Ceilings
Visuals: Laser Shows, Fog, and other
Audio: 150k watt of exotic
Area Doors Multiple doors entrance and exits
Neighbors: Close to banks, major buildings
Outside: colors of black red
Uses: Filming, Motions Pictures, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Fashion Shows, venues, weddings, Promotions, other Celebrations.etc.
Notes: The Vault
The Newest nightclub and lounge to hit downtown la
Features 25 foot high ceiling, 2 level of dancing, 50 foot fully stocked bars int eh main room, 2nd full bar
upstairs, exotic white bamoo dance floor, 12 crayst chandeliers, huge vip booths, vip room insde the
historic 1930s bank of America vault, state of the art sound system, inetellent lighting and laser light

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